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Veterinary Healthcare Documentation Program


Studying for the CVHDP Exam

The Veterinary Healthcare Documentation Program assists candidates in preparing and studyingfor the CVHDP credentialing exam. This 12-week program is delivered via the AHDI e-learning platform. The course has been designed to offer a curriculum specifically for veterinary healthcare documentation and terminology. The course offers video modules and learning that guides you through the curriculum and includes a final assessment exam to test your knowledge at the end. The course will cover the following topics:

  • Veterinary Healthcare Documentation
  • Professional Descriptors in Veterinary Medicine
  • The Law and the Medical Record
  • The Law and the Medical Record – Case Study
  • Root Words, Prefixes, and Suffixes
  • Imaging Terminology
  • Laboratory Terminology
  • Pharmacology Terminology
  • Body Systems – Medical Terminology

     Course Overview

    • Prerequisite: None
    • Time Commitment: Approximately 3 hours per week for the 12-week course commitment.
    • Cost: $100 Eligible Member Price/$150 List Price

    Veterinary Healthcare Documentation Program Schedule

    Participants will be given immediate access upon purchase and will have access for 12 weeks. It is your responsibility to complete the course and final exam within the 12-week time frame. Candidates move through each module as presented to get the most out of the program. Complete each module before taking the final exam.

    Purchase the Veterinary Healthcare Documentation Program

    Click the link below to purchase the Veterinary Healthcare Documentation Program. Members, be sure to log in to receive member pricing.

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